FJD is a composer and a music producer.
He worked with DJS From Mars, Fabio Trentini, The Last Fight and in many other projects.


High school saw FJD form his first band and also the start of a love affair with songwriting. He immediately understood that his life was meant to revolve around writing, recording and performance.
Early band rehearsals took place in his grandmother’s old cellar – a subterranean world of thick underground walls – and an ideal space to play where they couldn’t bother anyone.

FJD started recording some local bands back in 2008 while attending both the University of Sound Engineering at the Politecnico in Milan and the Conservatory in Como. After his degree, he also attended two Masters courses of Music Production in Rome to stay abreast of the latest technologies and trends. At the time, FJD was playing in 2 bands – both produced by Fabio Trentini – and it was getting to know Fabio that led to him adding ‘become a producer’ to his job list.

fjd studio 1

FJD’s songs are informed by a ceaseless conversation between 3 aspects of his self: there’s the softly hopeful, introverted/introspective character, the social animal that is Francesco (formerly voice and guitar of The Last Fight & James and the Butcher) and lastly James, the subconscious. 3 rich characters, 3 perspectives: a triumvirate of creativity that’s blended together to tell fascinating stories. Storytelling that is rhythmically driven by his collaboration with the energies and influences of different musicians who have come together to enhance and augment the production team.

FJD is pushing boundaries of production and songwriting, blending folk, rock and electronica into a mix that should be filed alongside Tame Impala, Radiohead, Bilie Eilish and Twenty One Pilots.